The Revolution of Fertilizer Delivering unprecedented sweetness, luster, and flavor

About our products

  • Improve sugar content, luster, and flavor AmairoRikka

    Rikka works efficiently on crops by coating phosphoric acid in fertilizer with special surface-active agents. We confirmed the significant effects of improving flavor, sweetness, and luster; improving crop shapes; and reducing rotten crops. This next-generation fertilizer can contribute to the advancement all over the world.

    About Rikka
  • Regain plant vigor Amairo

    Amairo is a plant revitalizer that restores
    vigor and gives weakening plants the surprising
    power to recover and revitalize. Plants absorb the components of Amairo at optimal efficiency thanks to the use of surface-active nitrogen coating technology, which is used for the first time in this field. The absorbed compounds serve as an energy source for weakening plants with lowered photosynthetic ability and produce robust cell tissues. This is the best fertilizer ever as a revitalizer and energy booster to bring life back to weakening plants.

    About Amairo
  • For supreme quality Nanairo

    Nanairo is for those who wish to produce top-class crops and give outstanding market value to crops. For better color, flavor, and luster Nanairo realizes the best luster and color of the Rikka series. Nanairo is recommended for crops with the best qualities as top-grade fruit.

    About Nanairo
Secrets of the effects
  • The surprising absorption efficiency of phosphoric acid is realized by the effect of the surface-active agent:
    the absorption efficiency is more than ten times higher than ordinary phosphoric acid fertilizers.

    Smooth absorption of phosphoric acid
  • Ordinary fertilizer

    Ordinary fertilizers seldom enter small absorption openings, such as the stomas on leaves and osmosis membranes, due to large friction between nutrients and the openings.


    Nutrients in Rikka are coated with a surface-active agent. Therefore, the nutrients are efficiently absorbed through the small stomas on leaves and osmosis membranes and carried into the bodies of plants.

  • Phosphoric acid in soil is absorbed.
  • Ordinary fertilizer

    In ordinary phosphoric acid fertilizers, 62% of the phosphoric acid combines with iron and aluminum in soil only for 1 minute, and only a small fraction of it is absorbed by plants.


    Thanks to the effect of the surface-active agent, Rikka rips apart the phosphoric acid combined with iron and aluminum in soil, and almost 100% of the phosphoric acid is absorbed by plants.

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