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Reason 1. Retail price can be increased several-fold.

JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperation) grades crops based on sugar content and appearance. Crops grown using Rikka have higher sugar content and better color, luster, and radiance on the surfaces. These qualities directly affect the grading of JA, and higher grades are given to crops grown with Rikka. The purchase prices of crops are drastically increased. Actual examples are shown below.

  • Citrus unshu in Nagasaki
  • Citrus dekopon in Nagasaki

The price for these citrus fruits increased six-fold each. It is not rare that prices increase more than five-fold as seen in these examples.

Reason 2. Increased yield

Yields are expected to increase by 30% to 50% using Rikka, although the ratio varies depending on the crops. A potato farmer in Hokkaido more than doubled the yield. This is because Rikka simply increases the yield, but with its power to grow the plants regardless of weather conditions, the yield becomes uniform and stable. Rikka contributes significantly to the increase and stabilization of yields.

For example, a farmer with an income of 4 million yen this year will receive the following income if the sales price triples and the yield increases by 30%:

4 million yen x 3 (times higher in price) x 1.3 (times higher in yield) = 15.6 million yen

This means that the income increases by about fourfold.
Spending only a few tens of thousands yen per year on Rikka may result in a surprisingly higher income.

Reason 3. Increase in repeat customers

Use of Rikka produces crops that customers want to eat. Customers who eat crops grown using Rikka will remember the taste and become repeat customers. The secret is richer flavor. The use of Rikka not only increases the sugar content but also improves overall flavor. The key is to produce richer flavor. Rikka reduces citric acid and increases succinic acid to produce richer flavor.

Reason 4. Farmers can ship crops to the market at different times than others.

The transition period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth is earlier when Rikka is used on crops. When the transition period is earlier, the harvesting period is also earlier than crops that do not use Rikka. Therefore, farmers can ship their first crops while few competing crops are available in the market. The price of early crops is often about three times higher than ordinary crops. Since farmers can control the transition period using Rikka, they can strategically ship crops to “increase the product value“.

Reason 5. Rikka reduces rotten pieces and eliminates losses.

The use of Rikka resulted in a reduced number of rotten pieces in crops. In a testing area for onion farming, the ratio of rotten pieces was about 7% in ordinary years, but the ratio was 1% in areas where Rikka was applied once and 0% where Rikka was applied twice. Similar results have been reported from other crops, and Rikka is receiving attention as a fertilizer to prevent rotting.

*These results are based on experiments and conditions in the past, and different results may be obtained depending on farming
methods and weather conditions. The above results do not implicate actual results and outcomes of using Rikka.

About the product

  • Rikka

    Rikka works efficiently on crops with fertilizer nutrients coated and surface-activated with a special technology. Outstanding effects of improving flavor, sweetness, and luster and color; improving the shape; and decreasing rotten pieces have been confirmed. This is the next-generation fertilizer to contribute to the development of Japanese agriculture.

    About Rikka
  • Amairo

    Amairo is a plant revitalizer
    that gives weakening plants
    the surprising power to recover
    and revitalize. Thanks to
    the use of the technology
    to coat nitrogen
    with a surface-active agent for the first time, Amairo can be absorbed by weakening plants at optimal efficiency and serves as an energy source for plants with decreased photosynthetic ability. The absorbed nitrogen creates robust cell tissues. This is the best fertilizer ever as a revitalizer and energy booster with a great ability to revitalize plants.

    About Amairo
  • Nanairo

    Rikka makes crops tastier,
    sweeter, and better colored.
    Nanairo is the higher grade
    fertilizer with improved effects.
    Nanairo is especially effective
    in improving color and luster.
    Various crops including citrus have regained their original beauty when Nanairo is used. Of course, Nanairo improves flavor and sugar content.

    About Nanairo

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