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Nanairo is for those who wish to produce the best quality crops and give outstanding market value to crops.For the best color, flavor, and luster Nanairo realizes the best luster and color of the Rikka series.


1.The basic content of Nanairo is the same surface-activate phosphoric acid fertilizer as Rikka. The effect on creating great flavor and sweetness is the same as Rikka, but Nanairo is especially suitable for the best luster and radiance on the crop surfaces. The secret of the effect is calcium. Calcium promotes color development, but the ordinary formula for calcium can achieve similar effects as phosphoric acid but not the best color, luster, and radiance. Nanairo contains abundant calcium with a surface-active coating, which is the greatest feature of the Rikka series. The calcium with a surface-active coating reacts with phosphoric acid and works directly on the cells of plants and increases redness, thereby realizing surprisingly great color, luster, and radiance coupled with the effect of phosphoric acid. Nanairo is especially effective in fruits with red colors (citrus fruits such as tangerines, strawberries, apples, and mangos). Nanairo is recommended for crops with the best qualities as top-grade fruit.

2.Nanairo increases succinic acid even more than Rikka.
Nanairo softens acidity and contributes to a richer flavor, which in turn makes repeat customers.

3.Calcium strengthens cells and prevents calcium deficiency. *What is calcium deficiency? Symptoms of calcium deficiency include distortion of plants due to arrested growth at vegetative points, bottom rot of fruits, and cracks on the tips of leaves caused by hardening. Insufficient calcium in the soil is of course one of the causes of calcium deficiency, while excessive calcium also causes calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency tends to occur when too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, when the soil is dry, and when a large amount of potassium fertilizer is applied.

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