Method of application
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An example of applications on fruits and vegetables


Examples of applying Amairorikka by crops

Snap pea
Common bean

About the product

  • Rikka

    Rikka works efficiently on crops with fertilizer nutrients coated and surface-activated with a special technology. Outstanding effects of improving flavor, sweetness, and luster and color; improving the shape; and decreasing rotten pieces have been confirmed. This is the next-generation fertilizer to contribute to the development of Japanese agriculture.

    About Rikka
  • Amairo

    Amairo is a plant revitalizer
    that gives weakening plants
    the surprising power to recover
    and revitalize. Thanks to
    the use of the technology
    to coat nitrogen
    with a surface-active agent for the first time, Amairo can be absorbed by weakening plants at optimal efficiency and serves as an energy source for plants with decreased photosynthetic ability. The absorbed nitrogen creates robust cell tissues. This is the best fertilizer ever as a revitalizer and energy booster with a great ability to revitalize plants.

    About Amairo
  • Nanairo

    Rikka makes crops tastier,
    sweeter, and better colored.
    Nanairo is the higher grade
    fertilizer with improved effects.
    Nanairo is especially effective
    in improving color and luster.
    Various crops including citrus have regained their original beauty when Nanairo is used. Of course, Nanairo improves flavor and sugar content.

    About Nanairo

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